Welcome to Pastos Verdes Farm, located in Southern Utah!  We are a small  beyond organic, local-market family farm and informational outreach that is going to make a big change in the local food system.  We are currently located in Parowan, UT and currently produce pasture raised chickens.  We sell our products online and have on-farm pickup at our farm in Parowan.  Check out our farm shop and join our mailing list to keep up on product updates and news from the farm!

Come to Pastos Verdes Farm and experience what if feels like to know your food, know your farmer and build community.  Let us be your clean meat producer.

Not only are we farming I am also a chiropractor and as a chiropractor, wellness and health are very important to me.  That is one of the reasons why we have this family farm.  However proper nutrition is not the only aspect to health and wellness.  I have a podcast in English and Spanish where I talk about the four vital points to health and wellness so click the buttons below and subscribe and allow me to be your farmer and chiropractor, your ¨Wellness Farmer.¨



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