We are starting off with chickens, however this is just the beginning.  Our chickens are pasture raised, homegrown.  We are using the Cornish Cross breed and supplementing their foraging with organic non GMO feed.  Everyday they are moved on to new pasture.  In other words our chickens live a wonderful life as a chicken.  The way it is supposed to be

Not only is raising them properly very important, the processing model is just as important and that is why we process on farm.  By processing on farm we prevent the stressful transportation process.  Stress being a direct cause of touch meat.  It is also more environmentally sound and by being a small processing plant we are much cleaner.  So at Pastos Verdes Farm we do what we do best and that is produce clean pasture raised homegrown chicken and our costumers meet us half way by bringing their coolers and ice to the farm to pick them up.  We are focusing on our niche and that is the small, efficient on farm production and processing model.

Chickens raised the conventional way live a very different life.  First they are stuffed together sometimes  30,000 at a time.  Imagine living in a house with 30,000 other people, I imagine the stress level would be incredibility high.  These birds never roam free in pasture, never see the light of day, they never feel grass beneath their feet and they never get to taste bugs.  They are feed grains there whole life that make them so fat that their legs are often unable to support their weight and eventually breaking under their own weight.  They are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones and at six weeks they are processed, wrapped in plastic and sold to you at the grocery store and then fed to your families.

Unfortunately in Southern Utah there are not many options.  There just aren’t many places you can get quality pasture raised chickens.  That is why we are starting in Southern Utah in-between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, NV.  This serves to ensure the freshest poultry possible and puts you within a short drive of your local farm.  Don’t take my word for it, please come and visit thIMG_1857e farm and see for yourself how these chickens are raised.   At Pastos Verdes Farm we are dedicated to raising chickens the proper way.  We raise our families on these meats and encourage you to do the same.  Please sign up for our mailing list and we will be sure to notify you when products become available.  Thanks for your interest in Pastos Verdes Farm.